7 Quick and Easy Post Pregnancy Skin Care Tips


Welcome new moms! Is your skin feeling a little wrecked after pregnancy? Are you having trouble knowing where to start with your skin routine? Trouble finding a few extra minutes in the day? Well, I’m here to help as best I can. First off, I must give a shout out to the wonderful Sylina, a former bride of mine and now an amazing mom of two. She inspired me to think about and put to paper my top 7 Quick and Easy Post Pregnancy Skin Care tips.

1. Cleanse and Tone:

Whether you are a first-time or third-time mom, finding time to clean your skin is essential. Cleansing is an important part of the exercise regimen for your skin. It helps to keep facial muscles toned and your skin clean and bright so you look less stressed. Trust me, it doesn’t take too long. Just one minute to clean up, freshen and brighten up tired skin. If you have oily skin with blemishes, use a gentle facial wash (with no bits in it) to clean your face. Toning will help to tighten the pores and prevent breakouts.

For dry skin, use a gentle cream cleanser and tone your skin with rosewater. I use cotton pads to remove my cleanser, but rinsing off the cleanser with water then towel drying your face after is fine too. And don’t forget to tone. Spritz some rosewater onto your face after you are done. In addition to tightening pores, toners stimulate blood circulation and aid in attracting more moisture to your skin.

2. Moisturize Day and Night:

As a mom, your emotions are flitting all over the place and the hormones are settling back after pregnancy. Newborns bring so much joy but also a good bit of extra work. Keeping your skin well hydrated and moisturised will fight off free radicals caused by daily stresses and external factors also. Even more important, you don’t want them baba’s to add on a couple of years. Moisturising twice daily will help further tone your facial muscles and keep wrinkles at bay.

If you have oily skin I advise you apply a lightweight moisturizer every morning, to keep your skin hydrated and again most importantly, don’t forget to apply a night time lotion after cleansing. For dry skin, it’s important to apply creamier textured moisturizers.

Oily skin = Lotion = lightweight moisturiser.

Dry skin = Cream = richer and thicker moisturisers.

3. Eye Creams:

Sleepless nights generally equal dark circles and puffy eyes. To combat this I recommend applying an eye cream daily. Also, adding discs of cool cumber or chilled black tea bags also help stimulate the blood circulation to the eyes and encourage lymphatic drainage. This all helps with reducing the puffiness. Oh, and don’t forget to drink plenty of water!

4. Protect your skin while out walking the Baby:

Babies tend to get you out of the house more, and there is nothing like a stroll in the park to settle the baby and help keep you sane. And because the aul’ hormones are all over the gaff, it is imperative you shield your skin from the ‘sun’ and external elements. My bet is you have a factor left over from last summer. If not, applying sun protection with a minimum of SPF30 will protect your skin while you step out. Keeping your skin protected while outdoors will also reduce the risk of further hyperpigmentation problems. Better still, keeping your skin moisturised and protected whilst out and about reduces premature ageing. Come on lads, you gotta love your skin!

Nuxe SPF 50 Protects and Moisturises my go to sunscreen!

5. Use a Mask and Exfoliator:

Exfoliating, followed by a facial mask once a week will help remove any oily build up, and dead cells from your skin. Use a bit of water on your fingertips to move the exfoliator around your skin. This will help slough away dead skin cells and also lighten pigmentation and reduce acne. Follow your exfoliator with a deep cleansing mask.

Masks for Oily skin should be clay, charcoal or seaweed-based.

For Dry skin, apply a hydrating and moisturizing mask.

And to benefit fully from this mini beauty treatment, do it before bed, tone the skin straight after and apply your night cream.

6.  A little bit of Hair Care:

I recommend you wash your hair twice a week with a good SLS  free (sodium laurel sulphate) shampoo. Top tip to help exfoliate the scalp – Once per week for about a month, put in a capful of organic apple cider vinegar. After a month reduce this to one capful twice a month only. Organic ACV exfoliates and treats your scalp and will give your hair a super glossy shine. And don’t forget to invest in a good conditioner to boost the moisture levels back into your hair.

7.  Take a bit of time out for yourself and meditate.

Taking into consideration meditation is not for everyone, this is still an outstanding piece of advice that was offered to me way back in the day when I had babies. When your partner comes home, hand over the baby and give yourself at least 20 minutes to decompress, breathe, do your mini skin routine and just simply to have a bit of time out for yourself. If you are a single parent, this means finding a bit of time for yourself when your child sleeps. Turn off the phone and tv and just sit in silence with yourself for as long as you can. To all you mums, when you’re giving yourself a bit of time, please hug yourself and affirm,

I am a great mum and I am doing amazing.

As always, if you need any other tips or tricks or have questions, please comment below. I’d love to hear from you.



5 Essential Steps to help you achieve Fresh and Radiant Skin


Is your skin dry, dehydrated and dull?

Well, you can blame Jack Frost for taking his time about kicking off his boots. But elements of spring are in the air. Oh who am I kidding, it’s Ireland the land of all seasons anytime anywhere. So, with that in mind, lets help you to restore, revive and freshen up your beauty booty no matter what the weather.

Here are my Five Essential Tips to help you achieve Fresh and Radiant Skin, with some great product recommendations.

1 – The Deep Clean Energise – Sage Facial Steam

This wise old herb is a powerful immune stimulant.  The list of its curative properties is long.  A cup of sage infused tea can improve your memory and a strong cuppa can help ease nervous tension. But what of the skin benefits. Well, the Chinese have long coveted sage believing it’s the cure to eternal youth. And I believe there is most definitely something in this. It’s cheap to buy and all you need to do is –


Tear up some leaves with your hands. Pop into a glass pyrex bowl (not metal). Pour over boiling water, then throw a towel over your head and steam clean your skin (make sure you’ve removed makeup before doing this!).

What it does is opens up the pores, the oils from the sage are released and absorbed by your skin. It relaxes the skin, speeds up blood circulation, encourages lymphatic drainage and leaves you with clean and glowing skin.

2.  Time for a bit hydration boost – put on your Mask.debs zen beauty den

One of my favourite skin care brands is Nuxe. Simple packaging that contains skin care for all seasons and ages. Their Creme Fraiche de Beaute Hydrating Face Mask further aids the deep cleaning process of your skin. Pop it on and stick your feet up for twenty minutes while it seeps into your skin, hydrating and nourishing it as it works. Having your feet up helps with your blood flow, relaxes and ensures, that when the hydrating process is finished, you will be good to glow.

Here’s a tip: If you are going to steam clean, exfoliate or use a mask, do it at night. Your skin will reap the rewards while you sleep.

3. Tone and tighten those pores.

Okay, I’m going to recommend two different types of toners here. One works best with mature skin, the other for dry and sensitive skin. What both products do is tone the skin, prepare it for moisture and tighten the pores. Tip, leave your toner in the fridge as the coolness will really help to close those pores off. Especially, if you have steamed then added a mask to your skin.

Clarins Super Restorative Treatment Essence does a lot more than just tone the skin. It is infused with a whole heap of nourishing ingredients that penetrate, revive and replenish your skin. Proper skin food and I’m loving it.Debs Zen Beauty DenDebs Zen Beauty Den

The Body Shops British Rose Toner is infused with aloe vera and soothes and tones the skin. It works great for dry and sensitive skin types of all ages and it is 100% Vegan.

4. Nourish, feed, hydrate and illuminate with a facial oil.

I can’t say enough about using a face oil.  Why?  Well, oils deliver vital nutrients such as minerals and vitamins to your skin.  These nutrients will help combat dryness and nourish it. You only got once face so you gotta treat it right. For my client who suffers from dry flaky skin especially around the nose, I will always recommend a good facial oil.  I’ve found that most people, when the flakes appear tend to reach for the face scrub. Ah lads, if you use a face scrub daily on the problematic area, it will only multiply the flakiness and enhance the dryness.

This is where the magic of Oils come in.  Apply it to any flaky patches nightly.  Simply warm up few drops of oil in the palms of your hands and then press into your face.   This helps with the absorption of the oil. Easy peasy. Once this is done just grab a hold of the next essential hydrating product.

Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Oil is a bit of a legend and if you have dry, dehydrated, starved or mature skin, this is an essential skin food oil.

5. An Enriching Moisturiser –

Honestly, if you have dry skin you should not leave your home without adding a good moisturiser.  Day Creams help hydrate and protect your skin throughout the day.  Night creams work to repair and regenerate your skin when you sleep so moisturising day and night is essential to maintain a healthy glow. Here are a few of my absolute favourite day and night creams. All of which I recommend reguarlarly to clients and have been tried and tested. Hydrating angels.


I hope I’ve given you enough tips to help your skin stay hydrated. If you’re looking for more and have some questions, please feel free to comment below.