My 333 Day Holistic Beauty Challenge

Why 333 Days of Holistic Beauty?  Well, I believe its time to redefine the modern ideal of the word ‘beauty’ and show You that in this Universe we are all, truly Beautiful. I picked the number because it has a deep spiritual meaning to me, and I’ll explain a bit more about that further on.  Firstly though, I want to tell you my heartfelt reasons for embarking upon my Holistic Beauty Challenge.

I awoke on the first day of this long and dark month with a mind as blank as an empty coal bucket.  Absolutely nothing there. No thought! No inspiration! I had to dig deep into this nothingness to find a spark! Something to light the fire in my mind. Anything! I didn’t want 2018 to be ordinary. And so, I did what I usually do when there’s nothing upstairs. I retreated into meditation. I traveled downward, deep inside my heart to discover my path and reveal my soul’s sincere desire.

Ten days later (which is why I’ve been so quiet) I found that spark. Phew! And now the emptiness of mind makes sense. It’s to become my canvas to create something beautiful. I want to fill the next 333 days with colour and Holistic Beauty. Okay, I admit it, I am a die-hard hippy chick at heart, born in the age of Aquarius and under the star sign Pisces!! But I believe it’s important to be quirky, unique and fill life with as much colour as possible. My intention is to share my unique and holistic beauty revelations, both the frivolous ones and the profound over the next 333 days.  And I cordially invite you to take this journey with me.

Of course, I shall still remain true to my beauty heritage and have fun days filled with practical skin and beauty tips. Mostly, though it’s my heartfelt desire to help You find that beautiful light within. To show You that ‘Beauty’ is so much more than our physical appearance. Holistic Beauty begins from within and radiates out.

What 333 means to me.

Well, for one, I’m seeing this particular sequence of numbers everywhere at the moment. It’s a little nudge from the Universe reminding me of my place. And the triple 3 is the embodiment of universal beauty, friendship, diversity and honest expression.  It’s creative, kind, colorful, compassionate and communicative.  This divinely feminine number is represented by the Empress. Fertile, strong, beautiful and full of love. In our world right now and in my industry,  I sincerely believe it’s important to redefine our concept and ideas relating to ‘beauty’.

My hope is this will become more than just a personal journey. It would be wonderful to have a bit of company along the way. So, who’s interested in hopping aboard the holistic beauty cruise for the next 333 days to tout a lot of love.  (Getting a little overzealous with my metaphors and similes, ah sure!) As we set sail I hope we can fish out those who feel lost among the flotsam and jetsam floating in the negative waves.  Let’s flick the dirt from our shoulders, dig deep and switch on our inner lights. I challenge you to reveal the ‘real’ and ‘holistically beautiful’ you. To connect with your soul’s most heartfelt desire. To ignite your spark and embark upon a beautiful mission to make 2018 extraordinary.

Just one more thing. A simple idea to help you on the days you struggle. Get a large piece of paper and sellotape, tac or pin it somewhere you can view it daily. On day one, draw a heart and insert ‘me’ in the center. Every day add a word that inspires you or encompasses your vision of Holistic Beauty. It can be a person, place, anything at all.  But just one word. And when you experience an off day, look at the vision paper and say each word, aloud.

Let’s spread a little holistic beauty…

Peace, love and loads of beautiful hugs Debs x



6 Bad Habits that Squeeze the Life from your Dreams

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It’s not my intention to preach here and I can totally relate to all of these 6 bad habits. In fact, I could probably write Debs’s Bible of Excuses. But that my dears, will never happen. For the WORDS we write and speak are powerful and I want to help you in some small way get your POWER back. Let’s knock these bad habits that squeeze the bejaysus from our dreams, on the head.  

We all want to Succeed

Everyone has bills to pay, mortgages, rent, family, responsibilities. There are tons of reasons you can convince yourself to let go of your dreams. My desire is to put a STOP to the negative tirade that goes on inside your head. Coz it hurts.

First up, I have a family. And a dream and I have the cheek to want my kids to be HAPPY AND successful too. How? Show them I can SUCCEED. Lead by example.  

And it’s not my intention to be patronizing. I understand. Guys, I have quite literally had a ton of shite lashed at me. I’ve had cancer… twice. Blood clots, stem-cell transplants, chemo, hair loss, full on menopause; I have a family, mortgage and bills to pay. But guess what?

I am happy. I have drive, ambition and a resolute positive mental attitude that time and again saves me. Also, I have the ability to kick my own curvy butt. If life knocks me down I pick myself, dust myself off and set the controls to “course readjustment mode”. REALLY! The only one who controls my life and pushes my buttons is me.


Bad Habit 1. Stumbling around setting the Mood.

STOP trying to create the perfect situation to make your dreams happen. Oh, this is one of my favourites. You decide to light candles. Get your notebooks ready. Then suddenly you need to find the right objects to make the situation you need to get things done as comfortable as possible. The kitchen is dirty, so you go clean that. Better make the bed while you’re at it. Facebook pings, better have a look and see what’s happening. Snapchat bongs, twitter chirps, Whatsapp bings. Before you know it hours of fecking about have passed you by. Now, you are too bloody knackered to do anything so you give up. You tell yourself ‘tomorrow will be better’ then sit down and binge on Netflix and chocolate. And repeat. The only SOLUTION is to feck the kitchen, turn off your phone and make time. Start simple. Make a list. Which leads me to my next bad habit.

No 2  – Too many notebooks spoil the LIST (don’t judge me, I try).

This one took me years to figure out. If you are young, don’t waste time, just write it down. Have one notebook for your goals or visions and one for your to-do list. Not ten or twenty. Make a list of everything you want to achieve. Of all your goals and dreams. Then simply break it down into tasks you can easily accomplish now. PLAN! Make a list on Sunday for what you want to do Monday. Come Monday, do your very best to accomplish everything on your list. OMG! There is nothing like the feeling of checking off everything on your list. It is motivating. You have proved you can do something and see it through to the end. It’s almost better than eating a bar of chocolate. Now you have a bit of direction…

This is one of the Worst Habits. Number 3, Stop waiting around for other peoples PERMISSION to get things done.

Own your POWER. Be a LEADER. Waiting around for approval or other peoples permission or ‘blessings’ to succeed is a waste of your time. Your life is not up to anybody else. If like me, you are a grown up with free will and drive, then take the wheel and get your life on course. You honestly don’t need to ask for other people’s approval. It’s just another excuse to put off your dream. Truth is other people, even those with the best intentions, don’t live in your head or heart. And the ones that don’t have the best intentions seem to make the biggest impact. They are your friends or family who YOU have given permission to hold you back. Only you know what you want from this life. Turn up the volume on the little voice that tells you “YOU CAN DO IT” and mute the naysaying little fuckery voice. You know the one. It only suffocates your dreams.

The best way to predict your future, is to create it ~ Abraham Lincoln

Habit 3 merges into Habit 4 Freely giving away your power and control.

No amount of self-help books will help you unless YOU are willing to help yo’self bitches. TRUTH. Quite simply you are the MASTERS of your own DESTINY. Nobody else is unless of course, you let them. You are only a puppet if you give over your strings to someone else to pull and play with. The best advice I ever got “cut those strings and cords that are not for your highest divine good.” When you do it, you will be truly LIBERATED. Time to own the life you want to LIVE.

Bad Habit 5 – Playing The Blame Game.

Accept responsibility for your LIFE. Seriously, take ownership of how your life is right now. QUIT the blame game. Playing that game stunts your growth. WORD. When you continually blame others for what goes wrong in your life, it’s like blowing your health and wealth and happiness into a giant negativity balloon. It just gets bigger and bigger. And now it’s your anchor. A gargantuan negativity balloon, tied around your ankle and keeping you down in the mire. The more you blame other people the more you fill it. It starts to take over and the toxic wind seeps into your home, hopes and dreams. You become stuck in a past filled and weighed down with blame. It’s stifling. You could always POP that balloon and let go of the toxic hurt. LET IT GO. If I can do it, trust me, you can do it also. I promise when you free of all that blame you will float giddily on into more inviting waters.

Bad Habit 6  = The Bad Mantras.

Finally MAKE TIME for your dreams, especially the ones that matter.

Everything we say, do and own is comprised of energy. TRUTH. Words are a powerful energy form. History has proved it. Fascist rhetoric has convinced good people to do bad things. Positive words like Martin Luther King’s I have a dream speech, redirected and infused with love an entire nations thinking. Positive and Negative Words linger long after their speaker has moved on. Words so powerful that they encouraged or discouraged Nations to change their course in history. Imagine you have that much power inside you. If you use it negatively, like convincing yourself you have no time for example. You are literally brainwashing yourself. The more you say words like, not now, I can’t, I don’t have the time, not now, I can’t I don’t have the time, it creates a rhythm of negative energy you begin to dance to. BELIEVE me, when I say, you can CHANGE. BREATHE. Decide what it is you truly want. Dance to a different beat, change that rhythm up, mix it up. I gotta feeling, everything’s gonna be alright. If you want to be a writer. Get up an hour earlier and get the bus to work. Take notes and write ideas on the bus. INSPIRE yourself. 

Take the TIME to LIVE YOUR DREAM.  All it takes is a little commitment and investment by YOU.


PS  These are cathartic notes to my EGO too.  They are FREE notes.  With words.  Filled with love and HOPE.  Make it happen.  Be your BEST self.  Don’t compromise your DREAMS. Have FAITH in your abilities.  Set sail with LOVE.  Conquer the WORLD with PEACE.  INSPIRE.


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