Best Wedding Guide – Part 3

“Planning my wedding was totally stress-free,” said no Bride… EVER!

Stay calm and don’t get too excited, but can you believe it. Only 6 months to go. Eek!.

Just as well you have me on hand to help you keep the ‘head’ screwed on so you can get this important sh*t done. Oh, and ten more things to strike of your checklist. Check.

  1. Have you organized the bridal suite for the night of your wedding yet?  If you are getting married in a hotel, ensure you have the wedding suite reserved. It is, after all, where the real fun begins.
  2. The time has now come to finalize the wedding guest list. Remember, guys, it’s your wedding day so sit down together for this. Invite who you want, not who everyone else thinks you should invite. Sure, when was the last time you saw Uncle Paddy, Aunty Mary or Cousin Vinny??
  3.  Order invitations. Or, let me assure you, no one will show up. Make sure you order at least an extra 25 invites.  Also don’t forget to include other wedding stationary, pretty place cards and thank you notes.
  4.  If you want the best, ensure you book your makeup and hair trials if you haven’t already done so.
  5. Finalize all honeymoon plans. If traveling outside the country, arrange for visas, passports, and inoculations. This stuff matters you know.
  6. Hire your wedding day transportation (carriage, limousine service, etc.). If you don’t you’ll have to invite Cousin Vinny and use his car or your ma’s or da’s. Eh, No! So go on, get googling.
  7. Plan, Meet, Order, and Eat. Plan the rehearsal dinner.  Schedule a time close to your wedding date to hold the rehearsal dinner. My advice, don’t leave it until the day before your wedding.The reason, stress, and emotions are at an all-time high the day before a wedding.Trust me! I recommend organizing it for about three days before the wedding. Advise everyone who needs to attend to book an afternoon off so you can all have a proper run through. And a few drinks. Oh, and a bit of fun. All while getting the important stuff done.
  8. Order tuxedos for the groom and groomsmen. Do not leave this until the last minute.  It’s important you and your partner make time shop around. Decide on color scheme’s, style, fit and think about the shoes.  Then get ordering as you will need time to arrange for fittings.
  9. Whether you are getting married in a hotel, castle or marquee, food is important. Meet with the caterer to go over menus, wine selections, etc. Have a good idea beforehand what kind of menu you would like. Also having prior knowledge of your guests who have allergies or are vegetarian will help when putting the menu together.
  10. Let them eat Cake – Order the wedding cake. Go for more tastings if necessary. Well, I would anyway. Get in lots and lots of tastings. Yummy.

I am ‘always’ on hand to answer any ‘wedding-related’ questions just so you know! Want to go to part 4, easy just click here.

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