7 Amazing Ways Turmeric ‘The Wonder Spice’ Will improve your Skin and Health!

Turmeric has numerous skin and health benefits with over 6000 peer-reviewed articles published. This makes it one of the most talked about spices on the medical and natural health net. Want to know why it is so good for your skin and health? Well, it contains a powerful compound curcumin, renowned for its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antiviral properties. And that’s just the start. I’ve put together some of my favourite beauty and health concoctions to help you improve your natural beauty regimen.


1. Acne Skin Mask

Turmeric is proved to reduce inflammation and help clear the skin. Simply –debs zen beauty

  • add a 1/4 tsp turmeric
  • 1 tsp white flour
  • 1 tbsp natural yoghurt
  • 2 tsp honey (great for mopping up excess oil)
  • 1/2 tsp lemon juice (omit if you have cuts or sores on the face)
  • Mix well. Then using a foundation brush or your fingers apply over your face. Leave to dry for 20 mintues. Remove with a hot (not too hot though) face cloth.
  • Then do your normal cleanse tone and moisturise routine. Your skin will sing after this fab mask.

2. It also helps calm Psoriasis and Eczema

It is also a complementary treatment for people who suffer from skin conditions such as Eczema and Psoriasis. For a calming face poultice,

Mix a 1/4 teaspoon of Turmeric to 1 Cup of Warm Milk. Allow milk to then cool.  The best way to apply is to simply soak some cotton discs into the mixture and dab on to your skin. Allow it to dry, then rinse with tepid water. Finish cleaning it off with a creamy cleanser, tone with rosewater and apply your moisturizer. This mask can help reduce angry redness, inflammation and soothe the skin.

3. Natures Anti-Inflammatory

I am allergic to medicinal anti-inflammatories, which can be a nuisance if you have arthritis or muscular pain and swelling. After doing some research on natural anti-inflammatories, I stumbled across some great articles on Turmeric and its powerful anti-inflammatory properties. So I decided to give it a whirl.

What I do is heat up some milk. I apply a teaspoon of ground turmeric, a pinch of nutmeg and a heaped teaspoon of honey to taste. I love it and it is so palatable and comforting. I take it when the aul joints get a bit creaky and I must say it works for me. Natural remedies are truly powerful and there is also some pain relieving properties in turmeric. It’s not something I would do every day, only on days or weeks I’m feeling particularly bad. This is well worth a try, particularly if you suffer from arthritis or joint pain.

4. Itchy, Flaky Scalp?

Do you suffer from dandruff? Well would you believe, you can make a hair mask using turmeric and olive oil. All you have to do is –

Apply a teaspoon of the yellow wonder spice to about two teaspoons of olive oil. Massage into your scalp and leave on for about 15 minutes. Next, add about a capful of Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (optional) to, two capfuls of shampoo and wash your hair thoroughly. Guaranteed glossy non-flaky locks!

5. Anti-Aging Properties

Turmeric can also be used as an exfoliator and it has powerful anti-aging properties. It is also a very cost-effective skin treatment and I would recommend using this at least once per week at night time only.  The method is simple –

I use about a half teaspoon (use a quarter if you’re very pale) of turmeric, two teaspoons of gram flour (made from chickpeas and found in any good health food store).  Slowly add water until it becomes a paste. Next, moisten your skin, then gently exfoliate with the paste. Rinse off with warm water and follow your usual nighttime beauty regime.

6. Ginger & Turmeric Vitality Shot

This one is a zinger, especially if you work out a lot or you feel your immune system needs a boost.  The combined ingredients have anti-inflammatory, immune boosting, anti-viral and detoxifying properties. I’ll have one of those thanks. All you have to do is juice,

  • An inch of Root Ginger,
  • A good pinch (2 tsps) of turmeric
  • 1 whole lemon (for the zing factor)
  • And why not sprinkle a bit of black pepper just for an added kick.

7. Warm and Citrusy Turmeric Tea.

As a result of its many medicinal values, sipping a cup of delicious turmeric tea may help ease headaches, alleviate depression, get rid of heartburn and calm down stomach problems. It’s worked for me with regard to my IBS. It settles the spasms and improves the quality of my bathroom usage (ahem!). It sounds spicy, but believe me, this delicious tea is soothing and satisfying. Give it a go.

The recipe is simple to make – You will need; 2 cups of water, 1 inch of turmeric root (or 2 tsp ground turmeric), cinnamon stick, a pinch of sea salt,  slice up an orange, honey, and lemon wedges.

Method – Add water to the pot and bring to the boil, add peeled ginger, your turmeric, cinnamon and sliced orange to boiling water. Reduce heat and simmer for 10 minutes. Strain into a large mug. Add a generous helping of honey and a squeeze of lemon to finish. Sit, sip and enjoy!

I’d love to hear your thoughts and questions, so sound off in the comment box below!!

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Tea recipe inspired from nutritionstripped.com

Statistics courtesy of Dr. Axe

Images courtesy of unsplash.com and pixabay.com

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